How to book bus ticket from Hanoi to Lao Cai

Adjacent to the gate to China, Lao Cai is also a famous tourist destination of Sapa. Therefore, traffic on the route Hanoi - Lao Cai works quite strong. will the newest infomation about cheap but high quality ticket for you.

Its easy to buy bus ticket to Lao Cai, but the dificult is: How to find low-price ticket, quality of amenities and professional services,...

1. How to select bus from Hanoi to Lao Cai

With the variety of logistic brands, now you have a lot of choice. From the self-drive car hire car seats to 16 seats, 29 seats or car beds are very diverse and rich. But choosing the best type of vehicle is this?


There are many different types of bus to Lao Cai for your choice

If you rent a car to Lao Cai, you will be proactive and travel freely to different places. However, the procedure is very cumbersome with many demands posed by the lessor. Passengers can also run the risk of old vehicles, damaged or have to riding with a rider your unfamiliar with.

If you choose hard seat, its meaning that you will have to sit continuously for 5-6 hours. Bad logistic brand will make you immensely uncomfortable! Old bus, creaky, cramming, hot...

Bus to Lao Cai is a great choice for you. Because you will be sleeping, resting all the way with cool air conditioning, warm blanket and enjoy the smooth cushion amenities like: watching movies, listening to music on the car's LCD screen, use wifi, free drinking water,... provide high quality bus ticket to Sapa price "chestnut"

2. Experience ticket bought cheap, high quality to Lao Cai

Instead eyestrain looking carmakers, ticketing units high quality vehicles that have not chosen to Lao Cai is the most trust units, passengers goaccess to information from AZ for automakers, vehicle quality and schedule of each vehicle departs from Hanoi to Lao Cai.

There are many different types of logistic brand: King Cafe, Good Morning, Inter Bus Line, Kad Ham Bus, G8 Bus... Passengers enjoy amenities like: Conditioning, TV LCD, a closed toilet, wifi, mini fridge,...

Bus brands include: Sapa Express, APT, Shuttle Bus, Limousine. The seats are spacious layout and comfortable for sitting, reclining seat mode for passengers to sleep on his back, on each seat with convenient USB charging.


Bus to Lao Cai has low price: Only 280,000 VND/ticket. This is the lowest price that has been reduced 13-47% (depending on each brand)

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