Ultimate coffee in Sapa

To Sapa in cool weather or cold, sipping good coffee with stunning mountain scenery will surely bring a real sense of fun in the itinerary of tourists. Xedisapa.vn would like to share with visitors 5 delicious cafe in the town of Sapa romantic travel.
1, Cafe Gecko (Gecko Sapa)
Located in the center of the park overlooking Sapa Sapa garden facade socks a wide area, the French restaurant is one set up a traditional style Phap.day a cozy restaurant with about 60 diners each floor has 01 large balcony, porch floor balcony, 2nd floor with umbrellas, wide open views of the park Sapa, very warm in winter and cool in summer. 3 breakfast serves lunch, dinner. Cafe here are high quality, delicious with traditional mixing and blending filter dedicated machine nghep. Shop serves breakfast and fast food such as bread cakes of all kinds, noodles and pasta ... for the morning. Objects serve in Vietnam 50% and 50% abroad, with prestigious clients and are located in the guide books, many books.
Address No. 4 Street Ham Rong Sapa, Phone: (020) 504 3871, Fax: (020) 898 3871, Mobile: 0903 210 477 Mr Duong restaurant owner, Email: duonggecko@gmail.com
2, Ngoc Vinh Located
cafe early spring Huan Pham, edge Stone Cathedral Sapa, Serving coffee, tea and delicious smoothie drinks with affordable price. Cafe is mixed way of the Vietnamese media, audience mostly Vietnamese guests. This is the cafe garden with native species, very casual bar and close to nature with the media such as tables and chairs in the corner of the garden tree feeling very friendly, the souvenir shop selling opaque grave wooden. Bosses have your hobby birds should also hear and discuss spending singing birds if the same interests.
3, Night Star Cafe
Located next Sapa stone church with a large balcony overlooking the tennis Sapa, consistent with 130m square area about affordable style. Cafe delicious, and cheap vitamins, OG cheerful hostess friendly customer self-service, the shop has a very long and crowded.
4, Cafe's
Located next to many cafes in the old bus station Sapa, Sapa lake views, coffee filter and coffee available traditional and delicious vitamins, audience here mostly Vietnamese guests.
5, Viet Emotion Restaurant
Sapa is a classic-style Tapas is a café with catering, is located between the small town of Sapa Vietnam northwest. In the tourist handbook introduce Vietnam, an address has become familiar, frequent destinations and favored by foreign tourists is Viet Emotion Tapas - Café & Restaurant.

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