Hung Thanh bus to Sapa: 10 Points for quality and style of service

to search for the car to Sapa, I have visited and selected travelHung Thanh sleeper car. First experience on thejourney carHung ThanhSapa,I was really pleased with the quality and style of service vehicles of the employees in the car.

Hung Thanh bus has its formal operation in April 3-2015. Although new activity for over a year but the service style of garage must say is very professional.

Bus is equipped as a miniature house!

Bus is equipped as a miniature house!

1. Seat beds with full facilities

My first impression is clean space, airy and new interior. The bottom of each bed has a modern rack which is used for packaging bottles, napkins or fruit,... very comfortable and neat.

All the seat beds are padded, duvets and pillows. I like most is the smell of blankets on the bed, they are very fragrant too.

Hung Thanh Bus say NO to “cram passengers”

Hung Thanh Bus say NO to “cram passengers”

Seat beds are designed to fit people whose height is 180cm, very comfortable legroom. Much smoother ride! Though I lie in bed upstairs, I just felt very light when the bus swaying to dangerous bends. Cool air conditioned, DVD player and LCD screen for movies, music,...

Hung Thanh Bus is also equipped with wifi so I can play games, watch movies or chat with friends on facebook as well. A further detail that makes me extremely interested: Hung Thanh bus’s toilet is installed directly on the bus, very discreet and clean.

2. Service quality is so great!

Hung Thanh Bus to Sapa is very prestige! It's the fact that I had witnessed on my journey.

During your trip, the people in bus is very happy and comfortable by staff’s friendly attitude. Trip ends, everyone is thankful for dedicated service and promised to meet again.

Bus travel is one of the most convenient way to travel between Hanoi and Sapa. There are 5-7 bus companies departing from either end everyday, with travel times between 5 and 6 hours. Most buses offer comfortable reclining seat, and bus fares are generally less expensive than train tickets.

Bus are always considerate all passengers

Bus are always considerate all passengers

If you want to have a safe trip, comfortable and attentive service, please contact Hung Thanh Bus 0906.80.90.95 (24/7)!


CALL NOW: (+84)906.80.90.95 (Mr Truong) - (Mrs Vy)


Address: 42 Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Tel: (+844)3926.1687 - 3926.1688

E - mail:

Please call:/Whatsapp:  (+84) 989661264 - (+84) 937809095

(Mr Truong John)

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