Too much risk of self-drive car hire to Sapa

Car Hire Sapa Self-Driving is fairly common for those traveling in groups to Sapa. This service seems convenient but potentially very risky. Instead of self-drive car hire, many people chose Sapa=Hanoi bus to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

Car rental service seems quite comfortable but complicated and potentially risky.

1. Hire a car is not comfortable as you think

Hire a car helps you and people active in the time of departure, actively moving to your favorite tourist destination in Sapa. But that's just a tiny fraction-benefits versus the hassle and risks you may encounter.

Car hire has many potential risks

Car hire has many potential risks

First, the procedure is very cumbersome. You will waste your time finding your ideal care, then must submit important personal documents and deposit when renting a car to Sapa.You have to hand over the car before 12 pm, otherwise there will be an extra charge.

Second, the cost of car hire is quite expensive. It ran out of gasoline, and you must pay for that.

Third, the majority of self-drive car rental is old, so the quality is not guaranteed: steering wheel, the risk of traffic accidents. You also are not knowledgeable about traffic in Sapa, so it will be very dangerous.

2. Hanoi-Sapa bus is safe and convenience

You worry about the bus bound for departure time? You feared going cramped bus? You worry about the bus will go hot and could not ride comfortably as self-drive hire?

Let's throw your worries as Hanoi-Sapa bus will bring you unforgettable journey!

Hanoi-Sapa buses are safe and comfortable

Hanoi-Sapa buses are safe and comfortable

Everyday, Hanoi-Sapa bus has 11 trips to Sapa 11 roundtrips to Hanoi. Convenient departure time: 6h30, 7h, 20h30, 21h, 22h.

All Hanoi-Sapa bus on are super-high quality, modern and fully equipped. Air-conditioned, warm blanket with wifi and USB port mounted on the bus seat, clean toilet. Bus seats are spacious and airy, luxury and convenience imousine.

You do not have to worry about lack of beds or lack of seats, you just need to order tickets on

Enjoy a nice dream in seat beds to Sapa

Enjoy a nice dream in seat beds to Sapa

Instead of hiring car to Sapa, you can enjoy the prestigious and professional service buy going by Hanoi-Sapa bus. Visit to select your most appropriate schedule or call  0906.80.90.95 - for free advice, purchase cheap ticket with only 180,000 VND/ticket.

CALL NOW: (+84)(0)906.80.90.95 (Mr Truong John) - (Mrs Vy)


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Tel : (+844) 3926.1687 - 3926.1688

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Please call:/Whatsapp:  (+84) 989661264 - (+84) 937809095

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