Experience to choose the best seat beds to Sapa

Coming to Sapa, you will find the majestic natural beauty and experience unique culture: amazing food, specialty flavor, local people,... The following article will show you how choose high quality seat beds to Sapa with good price.

Referring to Sapa is mentioning the wonderful beauty of nature that the Creator has bestowed. If you're traveling with family in the mountainous region of Sapa, refer to this article.

1. Can you go to Sapa by any means?

To travel to Sapa, tourists have 2 choices: By train or By bus.

If you choose train, you will departure at Tran Quy Cap station in central of Hanoi, and then stop at Lao Cai station.

Finally, from Lao Cai station to Sapa, you can take the bus and the fare is 50,000 VND - 80,000 VND/person.


Cabin of 4 sleeper beds to Sapa

Cabin of 4 seat beds to Sapa

If you choose seat beds to Sapa, you will be picked up at the hotel or your house if you live in Hanoi's Old town. If you live in another areas, you can come to 42 Ma May Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. Ticket price ranges between 250,000 - 450,000/person.

With train, there is so many different ticket price. For example, tickets for the conditioning wood-paneled cabin of 4 seat beds to Sapa: 650,000 VND/bed/person; cabin of 6 seat beds to Sapa: 500,000 VND/bed/person; there are other types of train tickets: 150,000-300,000/seat/person, depending on Hard Seats & Soft Seats.

Normally, train runs only at night. There are plenty of logistic brand, such as Queen Bus, Camel Travel, Inter Bus line, Hai Van, Sao Vietnam, Hung Thanh, Vietnam Bus,...


Happy children living in highland of Sapa

Happy children living in highland of Sapa

2. Which logistic brand should you choose?

After Hanoi - Lao Cai highways is put into operation, many travelers chose to move by seat beds to Sapa to save costs and time.

Therefore, many logistic brand took this advantage: Queen Bus, Camel Bus, Inter Bus Line, Hai Van Bus, Sao Viet Bus, Hung Thanh Bus, Viet Bus,…

Each brand has different price, advantages as well as disadvantages. You should rely on your economic conditions as well as health conditions to choose your ideal brand.


Seat beds is the choice of many tourists

Seat beds is the choice of many tourists

You can refer schedule and the price list of all those brands via the website: sapabusticket.com for your selection.

Or call (+84)906.80.90.95 (Mr Truong) - (Mrs Vy) to be consulted.


CALL NOW: (+84)906.80.90.95 (Mr Truong) - (Mrs Vy)



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