Ta Phin Cave

Location: Ta Phin Cave is located in Ta Phin commune, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai Province. Characteristics: Ta Phin Cave is home to many valuable studies, archeology, and sightseeing

Ta Phin Sapa town 12km, angling to the north, where ethnic Dao and H'Mong two residents.

Hang động Tả PHìn

How to Ta Phin commune office nearly 1km north with limestone mountains, a branch of Hoang Lien Son range. In this mountain range has a small mountain, foothills cracked a shop, a height of about 5m and 3m wide, opening a regular path to ground. Going over 30 meters in dark, rugged'll see a cave. From reclining dynamically greatly wish them underground just a squeeze, many passages craggy rock to cling to the ear, but up and down swinging. Take this small cliffs radiate as many ways, even those niches go ders, commonplace problem, and ultimately returned to the original position.
Follow the trail of the great wall, we can feel like regular up cliffs, winding road, the ups and downs, like bulge to place the young woman is carrying a baby, like the fairy place was bathing, same place giant raspberry with lava rough patches of white felt, just the coral reefs fringing stick around, no place like the White House colonnade let go from the top down smooth ... Especially widest place lap on high arches about 8m, pendulous stalactites, woven into suites "lace" sinuous, undulating, emerald glitter, water drops from the top of the mountain and then deposited gradual infiltration of the stone church where the tip is retracted drip, as rhythmic point in space unreal.

hang Tả Phìn

In deep we met a large rock located slightly tilted, on rock chick prints footprints, right pyramid remained carved stone right onto the concave streak like toe. A cliff face, the French inscription is engraved with hard objects, to this day even though dust covered my time is still readable.
Ta Phin Cave has many mysteries to us, should be protected and maintained.

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