Should we go to Sapa by bus or train?

Visit Sapa in late August or September, you will admire the beautiful terraces. If you are intending to travel with your lover to discover this beautiful land, then thoroughly read this article!

There is nowhere in Vietnam can tourists easily meet the local ethnic minorities like in Sapa. Sapa is famous for its special cultural diversity in a combination of Vietnamese ethnic minority groups’ culture.

Traveling in Sapa, you will have opportunities to discover the unique customs of the local residents. Local markets are the town’s typically cultural element, which are always crowded and joyful, attracting hundreds of visitors.

First, find out the reason why you should go to Sapa by bus.

1. Which means can you use?

Want to Sapa, travelers have 2 options: trains and buses. Each with advantages and disadvantages. Hereby we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of going to Sapa by bus and train before deciding.

For trains:

There are many types of chairs as soft chairs, bed seats,... by ordinary passenger or cruise ship. Each seat has a different price about 250.000VND/person.

Advantage: Safety, avoid carsick, suitable for the elderly and children.

Disadvantage: long time, only have a station (Lao Cai) and it takes more money to ramp nearly 40km from Lao Cai to Sapa.

You can choose which train to go to Sapa

You can choose which train to go to Sapa

For buses:

The price ranges from 230,000 to 280,000 VND/ticket.

Advantage: You can departure from the ancient city of Hanoi, My Dinh bus station, Gia Lam or Luong Yen (Hanoi) to Sapa without catching another bus. Travel time by half compared to train.

There are many logistic brands that use bus route Hanoi - Sapa: Queen Bus, Camel, Inter bus line, Ha Son Bus, Sao Viet Bus, Hai Van Bus...

Disadvantage: It can be a long wait if fewer guests, less secure than traveling by train, especially during the rainy season.

You can choose bus as transportation to Sapa

You can choose bus as transportation to Sapa

2. Why should you choose bus to go to Sapa?

In the past, when the highway Noi Bai - Lao Cai has not been put into operation, bus indeed is a big problem: safety concerns, especially in the rainy season and go for a long time.

However, from the date of 09.21.2014, the highway Noi Bai - Lao Cai will help you shorten travel time.

Not only shorten the distance and travel time, but the ticket also affordable. Bus fare to Sapa is only about 250,000 VND/1-way ticket and served free drinks-wifi.

Sapa end of the month September 8 with beautiful rice fields

Sapa end of the month September 8 with beautiful rice fields

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