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Sapa is famous for beautiful landscapes, fresh air, and the beautiful terraced rice fields. This is also the place were people all over the country phượt favorite. Below, is some experience in sapa motorcycle rental convenient for you to discover Sapa his own way.

Located in Vietnam's remote northwest mountains, Sapa is famous for both its fine, rugged scenery and also its rich cultural diversity. Sapa is an incredibly picturesque village that lies in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range near the Chinese border in northwestern Vietnam, known as "the Tonkinese Alps".

Geographically, Sapa is exactly a mountainous area of Northwest Vietnam. The whole Sapa District is dominated by the Hoang Lien Son mountain range which is at the Eastern extremity of the Himalayas, being famous with the Vietnam’s highest mountain of Fa si pan at a height of 3,142 m above sea level. The town of Sa Pa lies at an altitude of about 1,600 m, bringing in a cool and foggy site of Sa Pa.

1. Some notes when renting motorcycle in sapa

Most hotels and motels in Sapa have motorcycles for renting. However, before hiring, people note that some of the following:

- Contact before the holidays or weekends. This avoid a shortage of vehicles or beeing paid high price. You should rent a motorbike before go to Sapa.

There are many types of motorcycle in Sapa

There are many types of motorcycle in Sapa

- Clear agreement on the motorcycle rental period: This is extremely important. Typically, motorbike rental period is calculated in days, 8h-17h, overtime surcharge. Also, some places are limited travel area.

Therefore, when the motorcycle rental agreement, you should ask about the price, the time and the conditions attached.

- Bargaining: There are many types of motorcycles used for hire: as Minsk, Win, Wave and prices range from 80,000-240,000 VND/day. So rent a motorbike, you just bargain prices accordingly.


It should be thoroughly inspected before deciding to rent

It should be thoroughly inspected before deciding to rent

2. Guide and some notes when renting motorcycles in sapa

- You should choose new model like Wave RS for ease of use.

- Check the front and back, horn, lights, lock stock,... before getting your motorcycle. You should ask the phone number of the owner of the motorcycle rental.

- Refuel immediately after the motorcycle rental reservations, because the gas stations are often open late in Sapa after 7am.

- Upon receipt of the car, you should check carefully the damaged spot on the vehicle (if any) and assigned an appointment with the boss.

You can also rent a bike and stroll around the village

You can also rent a bike and stroll around the village

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