Sapa Bus- Sapa Express

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Pick up from Hanoi Old Quarter and depart from 40 Bat Dan Str, Ha Noi. Have a rest-stop at Km57 and Km237 for 30 minutes. Stop at 01 Vuon Treo Sapa, Lao Cai.

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Ha Noi - Sapa  Departure at: 7h00 . Arrival Sapa at: 13h00.  Duration about 6 hours

06:30 - Our Guide will pick-up arround Ha Noi Old Quater by Shuttle Bus and transfer to Sapa Express Bus at 40 Bat Dan , Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

07:00 - Departure to Sapa. The tour guide will explain to you about the trip and Sapa. Then you will be served mineral water.

07:45 -Pick-up  at Noi Bai airport  (only availble upon request at least before 48 hours - fee 5$ per group, see meeting point here). 

08:30 - Have a rest-stop at Km98 for 30 minutes, here if you need extra refreshment, and that allows you to go to toilet also.

11:30  - For the safety before going up mountain pass to Sapa, stop within 20 minutes at Km237 for the second rest-stop.

13:00 - Arrival Sapa town - stop at 01 Vuon Treo Sapa.

2. Facilities

- Sapa Express using the Universe Limousine 18 or 28 seats bus from South Korea, is called "Special aircraft on the ground" in business class.

- Free pick-up service in Ha Noi Old Quarter

- English speaking tour guide on board.

- Free WIFI acesss.

- Air-conditioner.

- Mineral water.

- Travel blanket and pillow.

3. Note

- 30% surcharge on holidays.

- Children under 5 years old are free (shared seats with parent)

- Children over 5 years old are charged as adults. 

4. Things to know when traveling to Sapa

- Do not buy from street venders.

- Do not use service from street venders or brokers.

- Do not give children who on street money or candy.

- Ask before taking photo.

- Take a legal taxi with the help of the tour operator.

   SAPA - HANOI  . Departure at: 15h00.  Arrival: 21h00    Duration: 6hours

14:30 - Pick up at 01 Vuon Treo Sapa - Lao Cai.You can leave your luggage and get your bus detail. Here you can have some coffees or drinks while waiting for the bus.

15:00 - Departure to Hanoi. Once again you will be informed about the itinerary and provided mineral water  by our tour guide.

16:00 - After the mountain pass of Sapa, have a rest-stop about 20 minutes at Km237 Station.

19:00 - Second rest-stop at Km98 Station for 30 minutes.You can have dinner here or if you need extra refreshment, and rest room also.

20:00 - Our bus will pass Noi Bai domestic and international Airports where you can get off the bus (Drop off fee 5$ per group). Noi Bai Airport have 2 terminal: Domestic and International. So if on the bus have both terminal drop off, we will drop off at the terminal - which have more customer. And other terminal can take the Airport transfer bus free services from each terminal to the other. Easy and just take 3 minutes.

21:00 - Arrival Hanoi and stop at Old Quarter of Hanoi, at 40 Bat Dan  street.

Our staffs will help you to take back your luggage from the bus and call taxi or help you to find the way to your hotel in the Old Quarter.

Please call:  (+84) 989661264 - (+84) 937809095

(Mr Truong John)

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